Van Nuys - June 2nd


The easiest way to keep up to date with where the protests were happening at the start was from either the news, instagram or people I had recently met at other protests.

On June 2nd after I drove to Van Nuys, the easiest way to find exactly where I needed to head to was by following the helicopters. When I initially arrived at Van Nuys the crowd was reasonably small and although there was a sense of frustration and upset in the air, it was entirely peaceful.

A handful of protest organizers were there to help keep the peace. At one point a small group of males arrived, they had their hoods up and seemed to be checking out the area. The police noticed them and chased them. Once this happened and protestors and police started running, it caused confusion in the crowd so more protesters started running, completely unaware of why they were. In the confusion some started throwing plastic water bottles at the police but the organizers quickly jumped in the way and swatted bottles out of the air standing in front of the police to protect them and help maintain the peace.

This just goes to show how fragile these situations were, a small amount of confusion could potentially cause huge issues. The police were fine with having crowds there, as long as people didn't block the road and didn't cause any issues or damage to local stores.